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By Kerwin

Kerwin擁有超過十多年培訓經驗,擅於鑽研應用心理學、職場身心健康,研究行為及性格及心理提倡「由心出發」之餘,更配合實用心理學工具,廣泛應用於職場上,並憑著實用而互動的培訓風格及豐富的培訓經驗,他為前僱主發展員工身心健康項目,同時為旗下培訓多名客戶服務人員,連續三年奪得香港零售業管理協會傑出服務奬、神秘顧客計劃-全年最佳服務零售商奬項,專業客戶服務培訓被受肯定。 Kerwin Ho has over a decade worth of experience in training and development, he was strong in service mindset training with interactive and experiential approach. With his rich experiences in retail industry, he won both Services & Courtesy Awards, Service Retailers of the Years (Mystery Shopper Programme) in 3 years continuously for his previous employer.


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